‘One’ of the best song intros: Bono’s intro to ‘One’ in Milan:

Bono introduced their song ‘One‘ during their concert in Milan this week as a call to activism for the audience with the G8 meeting in Italy this week.  Some challenging words – reminding the audience that while he is merely a ‘writer of songs’, there are those who are ‘writing history’ even as we speak:

‘It is well known that I have had some differences with your prime minister over promises that were made and not kept to the world’s poor. Italians have given so many gifts to the world… modern physics.. the renaissance.. the piano… the gift of song… from Puccini to Luciano Pavarotti to Jovanotti. In the next few days, at the G8, your leader will decide where he stands on the gift of life for people far beyond your shores. If you think he should do what he promised for the poorest and most vunerable in Africa, you need to let him know because he is not Increasing aid as he said he would. He is slashing it. Do you think he should do what he promised? He still can. Tomorrow. Thursday. Friday. We’ll be waiting to see if he does. I write songs… Berlusconi gets to write history… it’s not too late for his chapter to end with dignity… I want to dedicate this song for him… it’s called ONE.’

Shows that an old song can continue to breathe new life in every age…

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