on the construction of souls – the importance of patience

For many recent graduates, the liminality of the time-between-times (think: waiting to find the job of your dreams, love of your life, place and community to call home) can be agonizing to say the least.  I often tell students that God’s timing is always perfect, but never soon enough for us (frankly… I am telling myself that more than anyone!)

Now that grading for Spring quarter is done I am purging myself through ‘quick reads’ – basically blasting through books in a couple of hours through what I call ‘speed plowing’: trolling for nuggets in the text like gill netting in a high-speed, purposeful repose.  One book I am re-reading is a book about Rich Mullins (one of my heroes and one of the few Christian musicians I can stomach let alone am humbled by) – the book is by James Bryan Smith “Rich Mullins: An Arrow Pointing to Heaven” and is a great devotional reflection on Rich’s music.

As you probably know, Rich spent the last part of his life on a Navajo reservation in Arizona building traditional ‘hogans‘ for families on the Rez

His friend tells the following story:

When we were building the hogans down on the reservation, there were a lot of setbacks, like the days that it rained.  Sometimes Rich would get really frustrated.  But he said to me one day, ‘It’s more important to Jesus that I learn to be patient that [that] I learn how to be a carpenter.  Jesus is more interested in building my soul than He is about me building this Hogan.

For those struggling with waiting to hear about whether their resume made it to the desk of the dream job, whether the girl or guy of their dreams returns their text message, whether they will travel Europe or Africa or five blocks from where they grew up… the construction of the soul is happening while we wait…

Let those who have ears hear and those who have eyes see…

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