I love you more than Bono – musings on Fatherhood and celebrity

My daughter made one of the more engaging and stirring comments on a Father’s day this afternoon as we were listening to U2’s latest  “No Line on the Horizon” while I was making them lunch.  “Daddy” she said, “I love you more than Bono.”  Now, I do think that the cards are stacked in my favor given that I have an all-access pass into her life while Bono has yet to step into the house or go to one of her gymnastic events.  That said, the fact that she even made this as a point of comparison was interesting if not comical.   “I mean, does she REALLY think that?” I thought later today as we drove to a movie “heck, if she actually met Bono and understand the true cultural impact this guy has… would she still say that?”  This is the power of celebrity in our time – always working against a phantom whose life had more breadth and height than mine ever would.

For this day, I will take it at face value… not Facebook value… and declare myself a champion and Bono the loser…

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