summer and the return to writing, or the Apollonian and Dionysian tension rises again

one of the tide changes in an academic’s so-called life is the movement from spring term and into summer. While summer is often marked by many outside higher education as a season of sitting in on a porch, drinking iced tea while kids leap through sprinklers on the freshly cut lawn, the world actually becomes a Apollonian and Dionysian fist fight of sorts: the constant battle to delve ever deeper into the poetic wonder of one’s discipline (catch up on reading articles you didnt have time to during the term, finally writing that journal article you said you would, organizing your courses for the fall, etc) versus the constant temptation to embrace the Dionysian frenzy of pop music, summer blockbusters, enjoying the latest Paste and Wired magazines, catch a concert at the Zoo, etc). Oh the tensions… oh the temptations!

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