Obama 101 – a snapshot of things that are worth investing in

I got an email this week from a long-time friend and McCain supporter. We have been friends for over 20 years, but the distance between us has grown politically in the past decade but only with this election come to a proverbial head. In short, he thinks I am being swept up in the fad of Obama – ‘a victim of hype’ as it were. *Sigh*

Here is the deal – Obama is the real thing. So, here is a snap shot of legislation:

– Promote Responsible Fatherhood: Obama will sign into law his Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Families Act to remove some of the government penalties on married families, crack down on men avoiding child support payments, and ensure that payments go to families instead of state bureaucracies.

– Support Parents with Young Children: Obama will expand the highly-successful Nurse-Family Partnership to all 570,000 low-income, first-time mothers each year. The Nurse-Family Partnership provides home visits by trained registered nurses to low-income expectant mothers and their families.

– Expand Paid Sick Days: Today, three-out-of-four low-wage workers have no paid sick days. Obama supports guaranteeing workers seven paid sick days per year.

– Establish 20 Promise Neighborhoods: Obama will create 20 Promise Neighborhoods in areas that have high levels of poverty and crime and low levels of student academic achievement in cities across the nation. The Promise Neighborhoods will be modeled after the Harlem Children’s Zone, which provides a full network of services, including early childhood education, youth violence prevention efforts and after-school activities, to an entire neighborhood from birth to college.

– Ensure Community-Based Investment Resources in Every Urban Community: Obama will work with community and business leaders to identify and address the unique economic development barriers of every major metropolitan area. Obama will provide additional resources to the federal Community Development Financial Institution Fund, the Small Business Administration and other federal agencies, especially to their local branch offices, to address community needs.

– Invest in Rural Areas: Obama will invest in rural small businesses and fight to expand high-speed Internet access. He will improve rural schools and attract more doctors to rural areas.

These are things Sen. Obama has been committed to since his day in the Illinois senate. He created the Illinois Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income working families in 2000 and successfully sponsored a measure to make the credit permanent in 2003. The law offered about $105 million in tax relief over three years. He has also championed multiple pieces of legislation to help low-income families find adequate affordable housing.

Needless to say, from time to time over the next few months, TheologyKungFu is going to work on highlighting some of these distinctives as the Convention season starts to move into high gear.

In short, if you have an option – at least get out there and voice it – if you need to test ride your views…voice it on the blog. If you are silent – you made just regret it in the months to come. The time for silence is over – we need to act. The time is now.

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  1. just been catching up on your blog (during the busiest week of my ministry thus far – probably unwise). thanks for the Ob-“ammo” – much of this will be helpful in conversation. My gut has pulled me toward him for awhile now, but you’ve clearly done more research into his policies than I have, and this all strikes a chord, especially (it would seem) with those of us who have lived a portion of our life in a country with a decent social program. He’s not the most popular candidate in the ultra conservative area I’m in, and being in ministry and all, I’m kind of limited as to how much outspoken campaigning I can do – but I’m still honest with people when they ask. Plus now, I can be honest AND a bit better informed. There is so much misinformation circulating about Obama amongst conservative midwesterners (esp. amongst evangelical Christians). It’s really infuriating, but again, I just try to speak the truth in love – if it sounds racist, it probably is, so call it what it is, right? – and “no, he’s not a muslim.” *heavy sigh*

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