Page France – Hello, Dear Wind and the neo-preschool genre

Like most genres – be it music, film, literature, or other cultural products – there comes a time to redress and reassess said genre and (to put it bluntly) call a spade a spade. Arising out of the mire and smoldering wreckage of grunge in the late 1990’s like well-coifed zombies were those sad clowns, forgotten on the school yard after everyone is picked for kickball troubadours known as ‘Emo’. Taking a page from the Smiths but leaving the eyeliner in the glovebox, the Emo genre came to mopey prominence in the visage of Dashboard Confessional for the mallrat and Subway sandwich set and Elliott Smith (him of Good Will Hunting soundtrack glory and self-compunction at a breakfast table) for the Denis Johnson reading, votive candle burning, nicotine and coffee set. However, we could only be sad and forlorn in the coffee shop so long. As the dawn arose in the proverbial sky and we crawled out into the open (some from the Mall, others from the café) rubbing our caffeinated eyes blinking at the new day , we who were so sad and clad in black and black found that perhaps life was worth living for yet another day after all. Elliott’s chemically managed sadness took us to the dark… but what would bring us to the light? The answer came in Sufjan Stevens, and Page France, and The Polyphonic Spree (them of wacky choir robes). Left behind and the minor chords of woe and the solemn darkness found rocking back and forth in the corner and enter the “duck, duck, GOOSE!” criss-cross applesauce sing-a-longs with simple melodies of what I call the “neo-preschool genre.”

Take a listen to Page France’s “Hello, dear Wind” sometime and remember the days of your youth…

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