made it through week 1… a (re)new(ed) focus for TFK

well, the first week of the quarter has come and gone and I can live to tell the tale. My voice is shot to heck though, but that is typical for me. One class I am especially intrigued by in a class on Minor Prophets I teach on Wednesdays – should be good fun.

Needless to say, blogging took a back seat to other pressing matters of the summer – but I shall strive, dear Readers, to be more on top of things in the weeks to come. Part of the challenge to determine a new focus for our discussions on Theology Kung Fu and get some energy going again. If folks would like to chime in feel free.

On the culture front, I am really enjoying Cormac McCarthy’s latest – The Road. No suprize to those who know me, but this latest outing by McCarthy only confirms my belief that he is the literary doppleganger of Tom Waits and Nick Cave. I will chime in on this more in another posting.


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  1. Yeah – I can imagine. I am flying over to Glasgow in 3 days and still have to catch up on my courses before heading the conference. I will be stopping at Boots in London for those throat sweets! Hope your term goes well!

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