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  1. Great stuff, Bill – thanks for sharing. It was nice to see my hometown in the background of your film. I will be passing this along to others; I’m sure you don’t mind.

    I was, I must admit, impressed and actually quite astonished by your interviewees, Lee Campbell in particular – I dated a Lipscomb girl for a few years, and that one of their Bible profs would represent such balanced views is really really encouraging – I must amend my former preconceptions!

    Nashville is a great city, and probably the only one I’ll ever really think of as “home”, but…uh, yeah…I’m not really all that surprised that you couldn’t get people to talk to you. And even if they had, you probably would’ve gotten way more pro-Bush feedback than you would have liked (although I am proud to say that Davidson County, which includes Nashville proper, was the spot of blue in a sea of red last election).

    By the way, when did you produce the film? Just wondering if it was an ordinary day in Nashville, or if you were there for GMA or some such thing.

  2. Definitely please pass the link around to people. I did most of this stuff back in June. Those people on the street I was interviewing were in Nashville for a country music thing called Fan Fair (sp?) where they have meet and greets with country artists. So a lot of those people were from all over the country – strangely enough. But yeah, it was not staged. Nobody would talk to me and then when I switched to pie (food) everybody talked to me. Funny. Lee Camp is brilliant. The whole interview with him was 45 minutes long. You really should check out his book. It’s awesome. Glad you liked the show! Peace, – Bill

  3. bill – I really dig this. Sorry I took awhile to get blogging again. I am dusting off the blog and hitting TFK with my rhythm stick… more to come!

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