adventures in irony: horizontal climbing wall

Today at SPU, a student group brought a climbing wall onto the Loop (aka the SPU commons) and raised up to encourage people to lead active lifestyles. After a time the wall was taken down – just lowered so that the “climbing wall” was horizontal with the ground. In short, walking and climbing got you no further – all was the same. Needless to say, I was observing not just the absurdity of a horizontal climbing wall, but the way the church operates in Western culture. What it means to “climb higher” is no different in effort nor perspective than just strolling alongside. When will the message of the church be something more than an absurd oddity in a pastoral setting?

Sigh… I better get climbing/walking/strolling back to the office…

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  1. Hi, Sensei. Do you teach martial arts?

    The horizontal climbing wall picture caught my eye… I saw a horizontal climbing wall being transported yesterday, and the oddness of seeing a thing out of its element made me stop and try to formulate a concrete thought about it. You shared an apt analogy.

    I like the way you think/write. Please post more again soon.

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