we see through an egg darkly… then we shall see face to face – Easter reimagined

It is difficult to recast the Easter story, so I do extend grace to all those in the pulpit today attempting to make the message fresh and invigorating. Amidst the empty tomb and ‘cinema verite’ of the Passion events, there is still the glare of glossy eggs, bunny rabbits, and wicker baskets… let alone lack of preparation for the unexpected.

My daughter made a window design in an egg shape from bits of paper – fragments of something formerly whole. I like this as the lens through which we see Easter in western culture – through an egg darkly yet straining to see face to face with God. We squint through the fragments and torn pieces of meaning in our lives, striving to encounter something – Someone – more durable, more deep, more broad than what seems to surround us.

Easter is about breaking through these fragments and seeing beyond and yet being seen…

He is risen… He has risen indeed…


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  1. I think it is a continued struggle – getting beyond the cultural trappings of holidays (ie. ‘holy days’ on the Roman calendar)

    Diana loved the Easter vigil – I wish I could have attended.

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