feel the back on my palm! – toddler missiology cont.

Kids are just so dang authentic. On Palm Sunday we armed an army of munchkins with palm branches and then proceeded to ask these kids just to “stand still and start waving the palms after we read the scripture regarding Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.” Well… that lasted about 10 seconds… The kids were standing in close proximity to one another and started to WHACK each other with the palm branches. Giggles broke out among the faithfully gathered as – WHACK! – another kid felt the backside of a palm branch. It was rather comical but a great display of how I pictured things happening. People pushing and shoving for a better view, not really caring about the reason for the gathering but making the most of the palm branches around them.

I can see why it would have been – WHACK! – difficult to see – WHACK! – as well as – WHACK! – hear what was going on that day….

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