The singularity of welcome

I was in a church the other day and saw this picture of the congregation circa 1923. In the upper right hand corner, the church reader board listed out the service schedule (my phone didnt capture the photo well – mea culpa!) and I was struck by the large word at the bottom – “WELCOME” I drive by numerous churches here in the Pacific Northwest, and I rarely see the word “WELCOME” just hanging out there without qualification. The people clustered together in this 1923 photo truly seemed to be welcomed – they sat next to each other in a way that seemed authentic and not forced. I stood there in the Narthex just looking at these faces alongside this strange word from the past and found myself longing for its simplicity.

What is we were people of welcome and not war? welcome and nor weariness? welcome and nor wealth? welcome and nor always wandering?

I would like to go there…

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