the true silence and the moment is gone – teaching into being

One of my classes meets at a coffee shop in the Queen Anne area of Seattle. It is a senior capstone course for Theology majors. Each week we gather together to discuss, in seminar fashion, both the ‘looking back’ and ‘glimpsing forward’ of their pilgrimage as theologians. I find the discussion engaging, frustrating, joyous, humbling, and just plain ackward all at once. There is something in the process of teaching students – that moment when you have moved beyond info-dumping and critical semi-objective discourse to that liminal moment of ‘being’ in the discipline. It is that moment I have often with graduate students who suddenly realise that here, in this room with these people and in the mix of faith and so-called certainty we discover the true silence of ‘being’ – both with each other and before the eyes of God. I wish I could sit in that space more often – it seems fleeting.

This moment where I snapped this pic is such a moment – students just chatting while getting coffee drinks five minutes before the seminar starts… but the conversation has meat on it – things being said are hyperlinked to the stuff of eternity. I guess I just tried to catch the moment for you… but like showing you a starfield on a cloudless night or hearing the laughter of a 3 year old… no technology could capture such divinity. In short, ya just had to be there…


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  1. dig it. wish i could hang out there with you, and just “be.” and drink coffee – provided it’s not terribly over-priced coffee.

  2. no – the coffee is fairly reasonable and pretty good at the ol’ Q Cafe – it is the tuition thats a killer!

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