silence amidst the waterlogged

Needless to say, I have been a bit absent from the ol’ dojo the past fortnight. Things, as they say, have gotten a tab bit OOC (out of control).

One of the questions raised by students in class today has left me feeling a bit put out and unsettled was framed in deafening silence – little to no interest in engaging questions surrounding christians and ‘just war’.

How do you stoke a fire under wet wood?


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  1. Can you reframe it to engage them on a different level?

    For example, a good friend is seriously dating a lieutenant in the USMC (change this to “peace activist” if needed), and they are coming over to your place for dinner, along with some other friends who hold the opposing view. You’re pretty sure that you, as a Christian, will be asked what you believe and what the Church believes.

  2. yeah – good suggestion. I will try something like that as a possible angle. I find case studies work – at least getting the pump primed.

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