Thanksgiving – the eucharist of life new and old

I saw this ‘alpha and omega’ moment Thansgiving weekend as I was coming back from the Grad Library at the UW. One of those crisp fall days in Seattle when the light bends just right as Cat Stevens’ “Silent Sunlight” came up through my iPod. The tree stump on the left had squirrels fighting over a nut whilst the wee tree to the right just silently grew.

Heck… I better re-read Shel Silversteins’ “The Giving Tree” again – I think there is a lot more going on than a guy building a boat…


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  1. hey there – glad to see you back on the blog! things have been rather quiet! No – just playing with my photo yesterday. I can now send photos directly to the blog – nice! This is on the UW campus… a nice yesterday…

  2. dude, you gotta delete stuff like that – it’s blog-SPAM. brings down the cred of TKF. Low-traffic or no these days, we can’t have that. You never know when the Spirit might breathe new life into us…

    Great seeing you in Philly, btw. Miss the old times…you, michael, me…The Loft…dig it. Love to the rest of your family from me and glo…

  3. Good call Brannon – I have been slaggin’ off in my sensei duties as of late but will start getting back at it again – thanks for the nudge!

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