The gift of silence – M. Basil Pennington

“Unfortunately, in seeing ourselves as we truly are, not all that we see is beautiful and attractive. This is undoubtedly part of the reason we flee silence. We do not want to be confronted with our hypocrisy, our phoniness. We see how false and fragile is the false self we project. We have to go through this painful experience to come to our true self.
It is a harrowing journey, a death to self—the false self—and no one wants to die. But it is the only path to life, to freedom, to peace, to true love. And it begins with silence. We cannot give ourselves in love if we do not know and possess ourselves.

This is the great value of silence. It is the pathway to all we truly want.”


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  1. Nice quote. I hope you’re enjoying some post-snip silence. We prayed the rosary for you today. Okay, not really about the rosary part, but about the prayer part, yeah.

    and again, excellent iMix.

  2. “the boys are back in town” – its the first song on my post-op iMix…

    Yeah – my spurs are back in the saddle, but lets just say I aint runnin the long distance race yet.

    Thanks for thinkin’ of me we chattin’ with the Holy Muther

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