Can somebody please explain to me…

…how it is that our supposedly “Christian nation” seems to be virtually ignoring this? Other than this blip on the NYTimes radar, it seems we just aren’t interested in millions of dying Nigeriens…I mean, heck, forget aid efforts, we’ve got terror attacks to worry about.

I’m really sorry I don’t have any more to say, anything profound or constructive, any suggestions as to what should be done, any grand theological statements to make sense of this. I just don’t know.

I just keep thinking: shame on our God-damned McDonald’s-scarfing, Nike-wearing, Gap-shopping, wasteful, prodigal, petty little lives. Shame on our avarice. Shame on us for participating in a system in which certain ones are necessarily impoverished so that we can be comfortable…

[UPDATE: I just discovered that people from Niger are called NigeriEns, whereas people from Nigeria are NigeriAns. I have revised this post to reflect the correct usage.]

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  1. Talk about unloading a can of whoop-ass…

    Couldnt agree with you more, Brannon. On one hand, I try to justify the lack on intervention into such crisis as pure limit-nature and some ignorance (i.e. there is only so much people can focus there attention on, governments are not the solution – people are, etc, etc, etc) However, there is a time for righteous indignation and that time is now. To do sure, the horrible tragedies in the African continent need to be dealt with somehow and the so-called war only takes our attention away from real life and death issues…

    My thought – move back here and get to work re-building this country! why are still in the UK, bro?!

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