The Theoloblogian Cometh: Bono’s la(s)t(est) stand

In a recent article on, Bono (patron saint of made the following comments:

“Now, for all its failings and its perversions over the last 2,000 years—and as much as every exponent of this faith has attempted to dodge this idea—it is unarguably the central tenet of Christianity: that everybody is equal in God’s eyes. So you cannot, as a Christian, walk away from Africa. America will be judged by God if, in its plenty, it crosses the road from 23 million people suffering from HIV, the leprosy of the day.

What’s up on trial here is Christianity itself. You cannot walk away from this and call yourself a Christian and sit in power. Distance does not decide who is your brother and who is not. The church is going to have to become the conscience of the free market if it’s to have any meaning in this world—and stop being its apologist.”

It does seem that we are at a ‘tipping point’ of some sort within Christendom at large – esp. when looking at the stats outlined in Philip Jenkins’ The Next Christendom or Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat, the ‘glocal’ economy is certainly pressing down upon the priviledged place of American singular cultural dominance. What is especially intriguing with all this is the role that Christianity plays in both the rise and fall of western culture. Nothing new to many of you, but the fact that Christianity has been tied for so long to the dominent culture means that if that culture is no longer white, rich, male, and english speaking… what will Christianity look like in 20 years? I think Bono is right – Christianity is indeed on trial here…


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  1. Of course, the problem w/ this ‘trial’, esp. as it is played out in American culture, is that Christianity cannot be ‘on trial’ and serve as the jury at the same time.

  2. great point Brad – too true. Ever since the US pulled out of serious UN talks back in 2000 and then walking away from both the international court and the Kyoto treaty, it makes it difficult to dicuss ‘trial’

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