…and to think I didn’t even know what a "meme" was…

All thanks and blame goes to Brad J., whose response to the meme can be read here.

(1) Total Number of Books I’ve Owned: aprox. 550 (497 by actual count, but I have a shelf-full at my parents’ house in Tennessee about the contents of which I can only speculate. It should be noted that, with one or two exceptions during my high school years when I got into selling off books and CDs to used shops, a phase I continue to regret, I have never gotten rid of books.)

(2) Last Book I Bought: Kieślowski on Kieślowski (ed. Danusia Stok) and Collected Poems (Philip Larkin) – same Amazon order.

(3) The Last Book I Read: in toto, The Films of Krzysztof Kieślowski: The Liminal Image by Joseph G. Kickasola (fantastic, if you’re interested in Kieślowski). Also thumbed through and read selections from Collected Poems, 1945-2000 by R. S. Thomas.

(4) Five Books that Mean A Lot to Me (in no particular order): A Prayer for Owen Meany (John Irving), Lord, Teach Us: The Lord’s Prayer and the Christian Life (Hauerwas and Willimon), A Wrinkle in Time (Madeleine L’Engle), For the Life of the World: Sacraments and Orthodoxy (Fr. Alexander Schmemann), Great Expectations (Charles Dickens)

(5) People to Tag: Sensei JFK, Jimmy White Shoes, Michael D., Karla Jean, Bill Power

(I suggest posting your responses in the comments, OR posting on your own blogs if you have them and linking to it via the comments. Happy meme-ing.)


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  1. frankly… I don’t believe in memes. Granted, I like the idea served up in my Sci Fi, but the notion itself seems… well… too much viral typology for my taste…

    Is this just a chain letter?!

  2. whatever dude…if you’re too good for the meme, just own it.

    just say: “i will not stoop to your meme, sir, because i choose not to. and besides, you would all become envious of my impeccable taste in all things textual.”

    if you don’t wanna share during “share time”, no one’s going to make you. 😉

  3. It’s totally a chain letter … but one that actually introduces people to some possibly halfway decent books. So … it is forgiven.

  4. OK – I’ll play. far be it for me to put the slam on a chain letter… would hate to bring bad juju on the blog and whatnot!

  5. i don’t know what a “meme” is, but it contains two of my favorite words (me and me) so I’ll do it…

    1. Not counting comic books and graphic novels, I am guessing less than 20. serious. I don’t buy books, my wife does and then I read them. Before this recent stint into seminary, it would have been less than 10. Although she owns a hundred or two.

    2. “Theology of Hope” and “The Crucified God” by Moltmann

    3. I’ve been on an intellectual hiatus, so, embarrassingly enough, it was DaVinci Code. Before that, I read something reallllly good, but I don’t remeber what it was. Maybe Fight Club?

    4. 5 books: The Stranger (camus), Catch 22 (heller), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Kesey), Beyond Good and Evil (Nietzche), To Kill a Mockingbird (lee)

    and, I am adding books that were actually better as movies:
    Fight Club

  6. Jimmy – good lists, especially your “5 books that mean a lot to you,” nearly all of which could have made my list if I had filled this thing out at a different time (or in a different mood).

    Still waiting on the others to do this – come on, sensei – give in.

    I’d say Fight Club the movie was as good as Fight Club the novel, but not necessarily better. They operate in quite different ways, and the book succeeds in a way that the film has to kind of goof a bit – namely, in the book, since the narrative is all in your head as a reader, you’re in the same situation as the protagonist – you “see” Tyler Durden in your head, but then find out he’s not really there. Whereas, when you watch the film, there’s no doubt that Brad Pitt is prancing around the screen, so then when they pull the curtain back on what’s really going on, you think, “oh, well that guy’s crazy – we’ve been seeing things from his perspective the whole time, I guess.” maybe that doesn’t make sense as a distinction, or seems minor, but all that to say, I think the book is great, and I think the film is great too. just different.

    My answer to that last question? The Shawshank Redemption.

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