Best Sci Fi Movie… ever?

So this is it… The Star Wars Saga is now coming to a close and we are left to cast the verdict – is this truly THE great Sci Fi masterpiece?

Sooo… speak up. If this isnt “it”… what is?


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  1. hmmm… there is a part of your assessment that I agree with, but pull back on. Bladerunner was great due to (1) classic source material in Philip K. Dick (‘cant go wrong with Dick’ as they say); (2) visual field was just brilliant balence of early CGI and real sets – this is the reason Episode IV and V worked so well – the balence was good; and (3) Rutger Hauer was freakin’ amazing in the role as the replicant… just great.

    I am leaning on ‘Empire Strikes Back’ and (how predictable) ‘the Matrix’ as a blend of great story, good balence of visuals and character, and cultural impact.

  2. I plead ignorance…what is CGI?

    I say Bladerunner for a few reasons:
    1. It just doesn’t get old; I rewatch it and something fresh comes to my attention each time visual, plot-wise or other.
    2. The dilemma or question of “Who is most human, the people or the replicants?” sits with me for days after I watch it. The dove, the lust-for-life, the largess of soul…all in a replicant.
    3. As far as Rutger, the poor guy had nowhere to go but down after that movie. Just what do you do after that performance?

    What he did was “Witness” right?

    4. Not to mention, that Harrison Ford has played the same character…oh…about 20 times since that movie. I believe the technical term is one-trick-pony but it was a great trick which him just right in Bladerunner.

    5. But then how about those ever-contemporary questions about science and technology! Senate sub-committees who are writing policy on cloning should be forced to enjoy the pleasure and profundity of Bladerunner.

    6. I guess Star Wars is better as myth; Bladerunner is meatier philosophically and ethically.

  3. Brannon – While I am amused (bemused?) by the witty phallocentric reading of the Star Wars saga (x-wing fighters and rebel fighters as chromosome specific sperm… I must admit…rather creative…)I go with Freud’s aphorism here “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…” Reading that level of porn into the Star Wars saga is really giving Lucas too much credit..

  4. Empire Strikes Back vs. Bladerunner…

    Hmmm…could it be that the real problem w/ Star Wars 1,2 & 3 is that Harrison Ford was nowhere to be found?

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