Batman Begins vs. Star Wars episode III

This may be a bit geeky, but needed to spell out 5 sound reasons why we need to be excited about the release of “Batman Begins” as opposed to spending too much geek energy on Star Wars episode III:

1. Christian Bale – look, this guy has done it all – as a kid he did everything from POW in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Empire of the Sun” to being a tap dancing/ singing Disney kid in Newsies. He has been flying under radar for a while, but his work in American Psycho, his Robert DeNiro method approach (“watch me lose 75 pounds for a role”) in The Machinist have certainly poised him for the big time. And lets face it – no one in George Lucas’ stable of actors have played Jesus while Christian Bale took on the role. The only thing going for Stars Wars in the acting stable is Ewan… but even Obi Wan is lookin’ bored…

2. Batman is not a tired story line – Star Wars is. Common friends, the Star Wars so-called mytho-universe is a tired, worn out place. When you start intorducing CGI characters like Jar Jar Binks… it is time to hang up the camera and move on to another project. Batman has continues to be a fruitful universe to dwell in and continues to be. Basically, Batman provides a story… Star Wars provides some flashy effects.

3. George Lucas vs. Christopher Nolan: lets face it – Lucas just can’t direct, shouldnt be writing scripts , and needs to focus on his merchandise empire. Best Star Wars film hands down?! Empire Strikes Back. Why? Cus’ George Lucas wasnt involved in the way he has been.

4. Star Wars has a closed, predicable story arc (ie. Anakin is going to join the Dark Side and become Darth Vader – everyone knows this) where Batman conitnues to develop and change.

5. Batman develops in a Tibetan dojo… Anakin Skywalker is a whiner who is genetically gifted for the ‘Force’ – people can relate to Batman, but very few can relate to genetic mutant who whines.


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  1. i think someone has forgotten Chris O’Donnely as Robin, not to mentioin Jim Carrey as the Riddler.

    But, i do hear ya… however… the third movie is what everyone has been waiting for. More than 20 years, since the revelation of “return”, we have wanted to know – WHAT HAPPENNED?!?!?! In a few short days, we find out. It may suck. The acting may be DREADFUL, and the dialogue will certainly be worse… BUT, we are going to find out.

    Oh, and let’s not forget… we get Chewbacca… sweeeeeet, Jesus, we get CHEWBACCA!!!!


    ohhhhhhh, what a WOOKIE!

  2. after I did the post I thought “you know… someone is going to through Chris O’Donnell out there…” Look, I agree that under Joel Schumacher the franchise got lame (George Clooney?! Arnold?!) and Tim Burton was the visionary that got Batman to the screen with style and darkness that Frank Miller envisaged with “Dark Knight”. I believe that Christopher Nolan will do the same – and better given he is better with narrative than Burton. But George Lucas is just a visionary and needs to give up the franchise and hand it off to others.

    Jim Carrey – bless his heart – was a great Riddler.

    I guess I am looking forward to Chewie coming back on, but not as a warrior. He was always a drunken side kick of sorts to Han Solo – the big lug who grunted at you and that was enough

  3. I am so glad to see my long-standing opinion affirmed, in print, namely, that Empire is the best of the original Star Wars Trilogy. It’s the only one I’d ever want to watch over and over…

    re: #2 – Batman’s universe is only a few degrees removed from ours – that’s what makes it great. Star Wars is fantasy – fun, but nothing we can really relate to. Batman gets to us because he’s basically just a regular dude (albeit a rich, studly one) with a dark traumatic past and a bunch of cool gadgets that we all wish we had – now THAT’S something I can relate to…no super powers, just the mysterion of the man-behind-the-mask. Such is the power of the myth.

    Great post, by the way.

  4. I really wish I was more exicted by Episode III – but I also think that for my age group, there is SO much romanticism surrounding the Star Wars saga as a formative cinema experience (statements like “I remember waiting for hours to see Star Wars with my friends…” are common around my 40-something friends) rather than a quality Sci Fi contribution.

    Also, the Force went from being way cool to being merely a eugenics thing… and that killed it for me…

  5. I as at a latte stand yesterday, in of all places, Mountlake Terrace and the trivia question which would have scored me two free cookies was:

    “What color was Luke S’s light saber in episodes 4 and 5?

    I had no idea. Go ahead and give it a shot.

  6. Light blue I think – although in the dark Horse comic series, his light saber is green. Vader’s was red in episode 4 and 5.

  7. Well done. It was green until he realized Vader’s was green and he turned it to blue. So I was told.

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