correction to the reporting of intro to Miracle Drug from Seattle show #1

Just an added note to the set list report on for the first Seattle show posted here

The more complete intro to ‘Miracle Drug’ Bono offered was “I believe in God and that he gave us science… he wants science and scientists to be used because we need science…” Overall the show had a wonderful spirit of reverence. Also, as reported by Zoodog, for those who were wondering who those four stars were in the Elispe last night – yes, they were ‘The Wiggles’ – true rock stars of the under 3 year old set!

Also, be sure to look at the review of the Seattle show #1 on Monkfish Abbey – great blog and great post.

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  1. It’s true, my wife and I were blessed to get into the elipse at Seattle show #2. During the band change over, just after Eddie Vedder had joined Kings of Leon for their last tune (which was quite fun) I looked over and saw the Wiggles entourage pouring into the elipse. I thanked them for many happy Saturday mornings.

    While the first night was filled with a strong spirit of reverence as JFK points out, the second night found a much fiesty Bono taking the band through a more raucus set. There were very worshipful moments, Gloria was just what I’d want worship to feel like every Sunday if I could make it happen, but Bono dispensed with Yaweh and 40 at the end of the show and played a true encore reprising Vertigo instead. He was just too wound up to slow it down. But despite Bono being in full-on rock star mode, at one point telling the devil during the bridge of Vertigo to F-off, you could still see his love and compassion for his audience coming through. During Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own, a song written for his father who passed away a couple of years ago, Bono plucked a young boy from right beside me onto the cat walk . He strolled the length of the cat walk with his arm around the young boy and cried as the boy sung the words back to him.

    New to the set list this night was Bad, Gloria,The Ocean, and Original of the Species, the last of which Bono dedicated to the bands from Seattle that were an inspiration for him, including Pearl Jam.

    P.S.Whether you are U2 fan or not it’s hard not to acknowledge the great work Bono is doing with DATA, Jubilee, and the One Campaign. Pray for him. He get’s death threats on a fairly regular basis as I understand it.

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