For Your Aural Pleasure…

WPLN, our local NPR station in Nashville, produces some very good syndicated music shows – namely, The Songwriter Sessions and Live In Studio C – and it’s all available for streaming, of course. This week, my good friend Timbre took her gorgeous harp music to Studio C, and her 25-ish minute set includes, among other treasures, a fantastic voice+harp cover of Radiohead‘s “Like Spinning Plates” (at about the 11-min. mark). The second half of the show is the Madrigal ensemble from my alma mater, Trevecca Nazarene University, and it’s also quite good (if you’re into that sort of thing). Listen soon, because the station is only able to stream the recordings for a week, until they up-load the new show next Tuesday or Wednesday.


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  1. Timbre’s songs and the cover of Radiohead were quite beautiful. I encourage others to have a listen before the show is pulled down.

  2. great stuff Brannon – let me know when her EP comes out… I can hear the Sigur Ros influences all the way.

    BTW – how is Treble doing? havent heard from her in years!

  3. She’s coming to Glasgow soon! The whole Cierpke family is coming, actually. Treble’s/Timbre’s dad, Dr. Cierpke, who is the Mads director at Trevecca, is bringing them on a choir tour of UK/EU, and the family is all coming along (all four musical-term-beginning-with-T-named kids – Treble, Tenor, Timbre and Tetra). Dr. C is sending the choir back alone and the family is coming to Scotland for a week or so, so we’re (the DeLashmutt/Hancock flat) going to try and host a get together of Cierpkes, Jaspers, and (maybe) Hasses.

    More specifically, Treble is working in admissions at Trevecca. We got together when Gloria and I were home in December. By all indications, she is doing well.

    Timbre’s EP is self-released, but you can listen on her myspace site, and I think order copies directly from her…not really sure. Glad it has been enjoyed by some!! (I’m sure she is, too.)

  4. Would Timbre and Treble be interested in joining the blog? It would be great to have them ‘chime’ in 🙂 send an email and ask them… and do say “hi” to Treble from Di and myself

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