A freind of mine at New College sent this to me. I could think of no other place in cyberspace to deposit it. I’m going for Ted Crilly on Craggy Isle. Too bad Father Jack is out of the running.

For those of you with the technical acumen of my flatmate, click on the small image to the right, maximise the launched browser, and if you’re running IE6 or Firefox, zoom in on the image to make it full size.


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  1. I’m pulling for a pope from the developing world, so I’m going for Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras. And I think he should keep his given name, because it would be funny if everyone had to refer to him as “Pope Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga…the First.”

    That’s like 8 more syllables than “Pope John Paul the Second.”

  2. I am not sure why you mention Naomi Grace’s technical acumen in the blog… she seems a bit small to be dragged into the fray…

    Regarding the appointment/calling of the next Pontiff: is it my imagination or is the Protestant world incredibly wrapped up in this in ways that go beyond our mere interest in the sway of religious power on the planet? Do we have some desire/hope that this time…yes, this time… maybe the Pope will be someone who will answer our questions, calm our fears, bring us together, and maybe, just maybe… speak to us in ways that help us feel forgiven and loved? It is amazing, but I think the Protestant and death-of-god folks are pulling harder because they ‘need’ leadership and new some kind of locus point in the spinning world…

    I am pulling for the Hondurian bishop as well… either that or Julie Clague…

  3. I’m so depressed…I was getting psyched up about maybe becoming a Catholic, but now…forget it.

    Goodbye Vatican II. Hello Mel Gibson as the new “Defender of the Faith.”

    I’m kidding, mostly.

    I do think our beloved sensei is onto something interesting here. I think perhaps all of us Protestants (and especially evangelicals, who have the same tendency toward “we are the ONLY TRUE CHURCH”, or at least “we’re right-er than everyone else, but they’ll probably slide into heaven on grace” as the Catholic church does) have a hidden desire (of the Lacanian sort perhaps?) to be Catholic. Maybe because we resent the fact that the Catholic church considers us (to quote Monty Python) “Right Out.” And we’re probably looking for a Pope who will look to us perpetual outsiders, defectors that we are, and say, “Well, okay – you guys are alright.” And we’ll get our big hug and we can get on with open communion and whatever other forms of ecumenical back-scratching we can think up.

    It is quite funny, though, how many of us, even some borderline anti-catholic types I know, suddenly know all kinds of trivia about the Pope-selection process, about the white smoke and whatnot. It’s very strange, but I think, on the most positive note I can think of, perhaps indicative of the fact that we are becoming more open to taking hands w/ Catholics, and are simply hoping that one day they’ll want to take hands with us.

  4. “The church must renounce worldly principles and standards in order to accept the truth, and the way it must go will always lead to some form of martyrdom. It is important for us to realize that we cannot bring about unity by diplomatic maneuvers. The result would be a diplomatic structure based on human principles. Instead, we must open ourselves more and more to God.

    The unity that God brings about is the only true unity. Anything else is a political construction, and it will be as transitory as all such constructions are. This is the more difficult way, for in political maneuvering, people themselves are active and believe they can achieve something. But we must wait on God, and we must go to meet him by cleansing our hearts.”

    – Pope Benedict XVI (aka Joesph Ratzinger a few years ago…)

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