Don Vermilyea Is "Walking America For Jesus"…21 States & Counting

DAILY AMERICAN REPUBLIC – Most people just assume the worst, said Don Vermilyea, when they see him walking down the road with his large, 70-pound pack, stumbling because of muscles that always hurt, clothes and beard scruffy from sleeping outside, sometimes a week away from his last shower. They don’t know that he has walked more than 14,400 miles since February 2, 2002, when he left Tucson, Ariz., with the intention of walking across America and visiting every Brethren Church, of which he is a member, that would have him. Full article here.

“Most Christians are sleepy.” Don Vermilyea


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  1. Bill – nobody commented on this article… but I want to at least add my 2 cents here – I actually think this guy is pretty cool. How many folks would actually do something like this? Talk about incarnational ministry!

  2. This guy rocks my face. There is no freaking way I could even carry that rucksack. He must have a Volkswagen in there…

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