I’m A Prophet!

I just got the “Word-Of-The-Day” e-mail and was shocked to see:

colporteur (KAWL-por-tuhr) noun

A peddler of religious books.

[From French colporteur (peddler), from col (neck) + porter (to carry),
from Latin portare, from the idea of a peddler carrying his wares in a bag
hung around his neck. Ultimately from Indo-European root per- (to lead,
pass over) that gave us other words such as support, comport, petroleum,
sport, passport, Swedish fartlek (a training technique), Norwegian fjord
(bay), and Sanskrit parvat (mountain).]

“By then, because a Seventh-Day Adventist colporteur had come into
Croscombe selling religious tracts, his parents had joined that Church,
and Hardy became a keen member of it.”
The Rev Bertram Hardy; The Times (London, UK); Mar 27, 2003.


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  1. How about…?

    Cole Porterproper n., one of the most prolific American composers and songwriters of the 20th century; known particularly for his sophsitocated lyrics, clever rhymes and complex song structures (see ‘Night and Day’ and ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’). [From Kate Cole (mother) + Sam Porter (father)]

    Does this maybe go back to sensei JFK’s question about whether simply by the creative act, one participates in the salvific creation of the Word(-made-Flesh)? Is there something inherenty “Christian” about creative utterance? Any/all creative utterance? (We never really addressed this earlier, but we should.)

    I like the idea that music isn’t “located” on the page or on the CD (or tape or vinyl), but actually resides inside the body of the listener. Maybe in this way we have the Word-made-Song-made-Flesh…in us.

  2. dangerous ground, young padowan, but i like it. especially coming from “theology and culture” guy.

    Wasn’t the ORIGINAL theology and culture guy, Jesus? Let me rephrase that… isn’t this brand spankin new idea of “theology and culture” really just another way to say “incarnation”?

    I start here to agree in the question, “is it possible to create without entering into some sort of partnership with the triune God? Throw in “all truth is God’s truth” and you have something itneresting.

    What about Balaam’s ass? Wasn’t Balaam’s ass part of the incarnation as “it” made God’s word “flesh” when it spoke truth?

  3. That’s a drag. I didn’t see the film, but had heard it was being produced. Diana Krall’s album of Cole Porter songs (All for You) is really good. If you like schmaltzy jazz chicks (which I do).

    Am still working on a response for you, jimmy white shoes. For now – I smell what you’re steppin’ in (and I likes it).

  4. man, brannon… I am pretty ashamed to bring this up…but Diana Krall’s “All For You” album is a tribute to Nat King Cole…NOT Cole Porter!

    Of course… I know this ONLY because Diana listens to ‘chick jazz’ and I am TOTALLY male and listen exclusively to Coltrane and Monk in the house… 🙂

    Word out…

  5. Oh, damn – that’s right. That’s what I get for having a burned copy and no liner notes, etc (of course, I coulda checked my facts online, but too late…my blunder is revealed).

    Dig you, though, you rag-tag-jazz-cat you. David Jasper and I were talking today about some of Duke Ellington’s sacred music which has been used in liturgical contexts on (rare) occasion. Thinkin’ I might have to consider this, as well as Coltrane’s more religious material, as thesis fodder.

    We finally got a piano, so I’m working through my jazz fake-book and picking out songs I’ve always wanted to learn – I’ve got “Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)” down pretty well and have started working on “Goodbye Porkpie Hat” – so there’s your Charlie Mingus. (Gotta love Jeff Beck’s cut of that tune, too.)

  6. Sorry to re-post so quickly, but I have to thank you, sensei – it’s all making sense now. I could never figure out why that Diana Krall album didn’t have any of the Cole Porter songs that I knew on it…

    *ahem* – so anyway, anybody heard the new Over the Rhine album yet? There are 2 tunes available for free download at http://www.pastemusic.com/product/1088 that are well worth “spinning” (I wonder how much longer that anachronism will hang around in our post-iPod world?).

  7. Yeah – I got “Drunkard’s Prayer” last week via Paste Music – its pretty good, but a bit so-so. I thought “Ohio” was just a tour de force for them and was hoping for another “Good Dog Bad Dog” and I think they were too. Granted, the album was written when their relationship was in the tank (too much touring, not enough lovin’) and comes from the experience of leaving the road and putting things back together. I am writing a review of it for “Image” magazine – http://www.imagemagazine.org – and will send you a copy when done.

    As for ‘spinning’ – I think “have you P&P’d (plug n’ played)?” is the next phrase d’jour…

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