phone calls with sound but no structure…

had one of ‘those’ phone calls today – you might know what I am talking about – those phone calls where you have been awaiting news of something and when the phone rings, you see the phone number on caller ID as being ‘the call I am waiting for’, and then… nothing. The person on the line begins to talk in such generalities and abstractions that there is no substance and as the phone is hung up, you are left with anticipation morphing slowly into frustation. We can experience this in so many ways – waiting for news from a doctor reagrding the status of a dying loved one, the call from a job offer that has yet to be made, the prayer that has been asked over and over on your knees only to hear confirmation that the prayer has been…heard.

part of the paradoxical life of faith seems to be learning to rest amidst the unanswered answer – to be still in waiting when the waiting is both over and not over at the same time. in short, it is learning that even when we get an “answer” from the voice on the line – there is always more waiting to be done.

One of the reasons I like bands such as The Innocence Mission and Over the Rhine is that they are bands who see music as creatings openings in our lives that make room for uncomfortable silences and whispers that help us to practice sitting in a space of unsettled settling. Listening through such songs help prepare us to be ready for when the phone rings and voice on the line offers sound but no structure…

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